Youve probably already shopped around for a DJ for your upcoming event. If not - you should. You will quickly find that it can be confusing and stressful at times. Here are a few tips to help simplify your search:

1) Reputation - Is the DJ reputable. Does he or she come Highly recommended. This is a big one if you havent been able to hear them for yourself.

2) Experience - How long have they been DJ'ing and what types of events have they done. Not all DJ's are the same. Club DJ's opperate much different than Wedding DJ's.

3) Personality - Does the DJ have the personality you are looking for. Are they good communicators. After all, they also need to MC your event; dont they? Oops, we forgot, not all Dj's MC. Many Dj's are not comfortable on the microphone. Dj Reuben C on the other hand has no problem MC'ing. Dont forget, he had his own radio show and has DJ'd and MC'd concerts and events for years. Which brings us back to the point at hand; anyone can push play on a song, but not just anyone can PACK the dance floor. A good rule of thumb is that if you dont get that "good vibe" from your DJ the first time you hear them on the phone; Move on.

4) Equipment - Dj equipment is Expensive. Serious Dj's invest in quality equipment because they know listeners comfortabilty is a top priority. DJ Reuben C's equipment is State Of The Art. Not only does it look good, it provides the perfect sound for your event that is comfortable for your audience. In other words, you can feel the music without blowing your eardrums.

5) Price - This is usually the deciding factor. Have you ever heard the term "You get what you pay for?" The median price for local DJ's in San Diego that are Experienced and Reputable is $700 - $1000. Most DJ's charge by the hour. You will find that they "start" at a really low price but they also have set up fees, lighting fees, and penalty fees if you go over the time limit (which is usually 4 hours). If you're booking a DJ that advertises below $700 you will find that after all the hidden fees have been applied, you're still gonna spend more than $700. You'll also notice that there are a lot of Companies out there that have 5+ DJ's working for them. If you decide to go with one of these companies, make sure that the specific DJ you are hiring is written in your contract.

In essence, you need to do your research before signing a contract and handing money over to a DJ.

Lets add one final note. *Every photo contained in this website is from an event that Dj Reuben C has done. Notice that in every photo you will see smiling faces and packed dance floors. After 20+ years Dj Reuben C is still proving to be one of San Diego's best Dj's.